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Written by Sruthi Ramesh

September 14, 2021

“Ninety percent of selling is conviction and 10 percent is persuasion."

–Shiv Khera

And at Gritly, we make you that 100%.

The Salesmasters - We are Gritly. We are here to help you be heard. At Gritly, we are leveling the playing field for underprivileged minorities, veterans, women, and people that followed a non-traditional career path.

Your grit to make it big in the field of Sales starts with Gritly.
We are an online tech sales bootcamp, built to help underrepresented communities break into sales in high-demand industries with no upfront costs or prior experience, while increasing diversity within our partner companies.

Still unsure about what we do? We :
- Conduct Cohort Based Tech Sales Bootcamps
- Train you for a job in tech sales
- Partner with Companies to give you a job in tech sales.

Over these years, we ensure that every student of ours from our bootcamps are empowered to take up a tech sales job that change their lives.

Meet a few of our shining sales superstars who have landed a job in sales post our tech sales bootcamp.

- An extraordinary effort that led to a bartender cracking a job in sales.
Meet Mariah Grossman. Gritly exposed her to a career that she  never thought she could be in based on not having a college degree. With her continuous efforts and the will to shine, she picked up sales skills through our tech sales bootcamp and she had the opportunity to immediately get a job in sales too.

Here what she has to say : “18 weeks ago I was a bartender working paycheck to paycheck. I decided to take a chance on Gritly. After 12 short weeks, they empowered me to unlock my potential to break into tech through sales. I'm beyond excited to take on this new chapter of my life in my new sales role.”

- From zero to 3X salary in a tech sales job
Meet Jenia Robinson, a curious champ who found her passion in sales and ensured that with every week progressed in our tech sales bootcamp she put her best efforts forward and landed a high paying tech sales job!

Hear what Jenia has to say : “The Gritly Cohort was a great life-changing experience. In week 1 I had little to no experience in Sales or tech and by graduation, I had the skills and NETWORK to successfully navigate the tech industry. Since graduation, the team has still been a resource to me and I have landed and been offered positions with salaries almost 3X the salary Gritly aims to get students at. If you're looking for a program that will guide you every step of the way, have your best interests in mind, and most importantly deliver results, Gritly is it.”

And these are just a few of the thousands of students that we have impacted.
Gritly is outcome-oriented not just knowledge-oriented.

Still not convinced? Well, we can go on and on.
But before that, visit us at www.gritly.us and book yourself an appointment for our sales bootcamp. Our team is waiting on the other side to help you!

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With technology roles being in high demand, Gritly teaches you everything you need to know to enter a tech role without having to code in only 12 weeks.

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