What is Gritly?

Written by Sruthi Ramesh

September 14, 2021

We are a bunch of curious and overly charming sales experts, who are here to help you become one among us! We provide basics - advanced sales curriculum, designed to train and provide our students with a direct sneak into how a career in the sales sector  in the US looks like.

Gritly is a career kickstarter bootcamp program, focused on enabling diverse communities into entry-level roles, starting with tech sales.

 - Minorities want to break into sales but can’t afford traditional business degrees; companies want to be more diverse but can’t find qualified minority talent.

Our goal is simple. We empower, educate and train students through sales bootcamps in the US regions to prepare them for the most in-demand job in the country - Sales. And not only that, we also help them network with our partner companies and ensure they land up in their most dreamed sales jobs.

We ensure with every step that we take our students and our partner companies get the best solutions that result in creating a valuable task force in sales and a career upgradation in sales jobs. Gritly teaches underrepresented students how to increase their income opportunities by showing what they need to know to break into tech sales. This 12-week investment will launch our students into new and meaningful career paths

We invest in our students and their experience by giving them what they need to be successful which includes, a flexible learning schedule and an ability to adapt our curriculum to move as the needs of the market shift. b. We do all of this by offering a 12-week sales and emotional intelligence boot camp, that's completely remote, where we empower and accommodate individuals to think differently about their future by preparing them for tech sales roles with our partners, who are companies that are eager to hire our students.

Want to join our Next Cohort, and break into tech?

With technology roles being in high demand, Gritly teaches you everything you need to know to enter a tech role without having to code in only 12 weeks.

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