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Our program meets you where you are

We’re all human. Life happens. We understand you must first cover your basic needs, so we’re here to support you by offering a flexible working schedule and content that can be completed on your own time.

Weeks 1-2: Introduction to Sales

What is sales and what it means to be a sales representative.

Weeks 3-5: Prospecting

Where to find prospects and generate leads.

Weeks 6-9: Contacting

How to understand and address customers’ pain points.

Weeks 9-10: Qualifying

How to qualify leads and overcome objections.

Weeks 11-12: Tech and Tools

Career preparation and practice with sales technology.

Our Dedicated Partners

We have established partnerships with these companies and are growing our list of partners weekly.

How we make a difference

Our approach works. Don't believe us? Look at what our alumni had to say about their experience as a Gritly student.

With no prior sales exposure, Gritly gave me the skills and confidence that I lacked. The mentorship from professionals was critical to making my experience encouraging and educational. This program benefits anyone that is not on a traditional path, especially those limited by money and resources.

David Salas


18 weeks ago I was a bartender working paycheck to paycheck. I decided to take a chance on Gritly. After 12 short weeks, they empowered me to unlock my potential to break into tech through sales. I'm beyond excited to take on this new chapter of my life in my new sales role.

Mariah Grossman


Going through the Gritly program gave me the valuable sales and emotional intelligence skills that were the key factor in standing out as a candidate. I loved gaining relevant skills and connecting with great sales professionals that genuinely cared for my success without accruing debt.

Oscar Fraire


Have any questions?

How much does it cost?

Gritly costs $0 for our students upfront and costs $0 if you get hired at one of our partner companies. If you receive and accept an offer to work outside of our network after the program the cost is 3% of your base salary over $40,000.

How do I apply?

Apply on our website in three easy steps:
      1) Fill out your contact information
      2) Answer a set of in depth questions
      3) Attend a virtual interview call with us.

What companies do you work with?

Our current partners are: SonderMind, Workbright, and Ohiya Networks, but we are adding new partners each week. You have the option to work outside of our network after the program for 3% of your base salary over $40,000.

Can I join the program without any sales experience?

Absolutely! Our curriculum and approach is built to introduce individuals to sales, so it can be beneficial to come in with a blank slate.

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