Our Story

Inequalities in terms of opportunities have always been prevalent in the field and our Founders are a testament to it. But where there is a problem, there is always a solution. And thus, Gritly was formed. Our founders realized that this inequality of a social requirement for a degree could be eliminated, and instead focused on hiring hardworking individuals for the entry-level roles. And thus we began our journey of transforming lives! Read More

Our Mission

At Gritly, we aim to open up opportunities for the ones who deserve it. We strive every day to  lessen the gap between the sales industry and its eligible candidates through a Cohort Based Sales Bootcamp. We act as the bridge between the minorities, veterans, woman and companies who are looking to increase their pool of diverse talents. We are here when you need us.

Meet the ones behind Gritly

David Lopez

CEO & Co-Founder

The One who never runs out of opportunities to explore, The one who relentlessly cares and The one who started it all. Meet our CEO & Co-Founder.

Venkata Uddaraju

CTO & Co-Founder

The One who is passionate about Problem Solving, The One who is highly knowledgeable about Product Development and The One who is all tech-savvy. Meet our CTO and Co-Founder.

Lisa Pickett

Student Experience Lead

The one that is Passionate about inspiring and supporting others to be better, do better and live life to the fullest! Meet our Learning and Student Experience Lead.

Akeel Ghann

Project manager

The One who is focused on innovation, the one dedicated to growth, the one motivated by possibility. Meet our Project Manager.

Jolene Montoya

Community Partner Manager

The one that gets the community engaged, and ensures a positive and successful experience for partners, students, and alumni. Through development, implementation of programs and services to change people's lives! Meet our community partner manager.

Our Values

Here, we regard grit as a major driver of achievement and success

We strongly believe in communication within our community

Gritly commits to acting with our best interests of our members, always.

Our Partners

Check Our Career Karma Reviews

Gritly Tech Success

I loved how engaged and dedicated the mentors in the program. This program allowed me to realize the skills I already have in sales/business and strengthen the points I could improve. I am grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the program and to also connect with those in sales, in a consumer and job aspect.

Arianna Pineda

Gritly Tech Success

Through gritly you get the chance to work one on one with sales mentors who hide you through the whole process. You also get to meet amazing super successful sales people as well. Gritly teaches you everything you need to know to go into an amazing sales career.

Morgan Rudd

Gritly Tech Success

Gritly exposed me to a career I never thought I could be in due to not having a college degree. Thanks to them, they showed me the skills necessary to have this sales career and supported me through the whole journey.

Mariah Grossman

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